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Digital Signage Software
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Digital Signage Software

Digital Signage Software

Product ID: SuperReporter 2

CAYIN provides 5 digital signage software:

MeetingPost: dedicated to the needs of meeting rooms and banquet halls that require flexible arrangement on the meeting schedule as well as frequent update on information post. Through the room booking system in meetingPost, Digital Signage Software help administrators can arrange events easily and publish events on the screen automatically.


LobbyPost: designed for lobby digital signage system, LobbyPost is the specific application software provided by CAYIN Technology. Powered by LobbyPost’s content and managerial tools, the Digital Signage Software can be used to easily display advertisements, corporate image video, guest room tariff, and currency exchange rate. Moreover, the digital signage system is equipped with another useful and practical function—weather information can be retrieved from the internet and automatically displayed on the screen.


SuperReporter 2: advanced reporting product dedicated to CAYIN network. Incorporated with CAYIN SMP player, the Digital Signage Software assists administrators in generating playback and system status reports instantly for multiple networks.


WayfinderPost: the application software that CAYIN especially develops for public spaces where conveying announcements, promoting events, and direction guiding is frequent and crucial. It provides various templates for a variety of applications, such as the announcement and direction guiding of wedding banquets and conferences, service facility sign and direction, floor plan, etc.


SuperMonitor 3: the advance management software dedicated for CAYIN digital signage network. Incorporated with CAYIN CMS server, the software greatly enhances managerial functions, assisting administrators in monitoring and configuring multiple CMS server and SMP players simultaneously by simply clicking, selecting, and drag-and-drop.

  • System Requirements
    • Operating System: Windows® XP, Windows® Vista, or Windows® 7
    • Display resolution: 1024 x 768 or above is recommended
    • Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 compatible CPU or above
    • Memory: 512 MB minimum. 1024 MB or more is recommended
    • Hard Disk: 10MB for program and configurations, 20GB or more for storing log records
  • Ordering Information
    • Will be delivered via online download.
  • Manage Multiple Projects Simultaneously
    • With the product, administrators can manage different networks at the same time and generate reports based on each project. This classification function can also be used to manage Advertising player based on geographic regions, customers, contents, business models, etc.
  • Generate Reports Whenever Needed
    • Administrators can use this product to select any time period to conduct analysis and generate reports whenever they are needed.
  • Generate Reports by Agent
    • Administrators can apply the digital signage software to filter different content sources immediately and generate reports particularly for a specific advertising agency or content providers.
  • Playback Analysis from Multiple Angles
    • By using this product, administrators can preview reports within a selected time period in the following two ways:
    • Comparison Chart over Time: Users can check the total number of playback times and total running time of playback of each multimedia file per day or per hour.
    • Comparison Chart among Files: By applying this product, users can compare the total number of playback times and total running time of playback of different selected multimedia files.
  • Export Reports into Two Formats
    • HTML: All statistics and diagrams can be exported into HTML files . Administrators can share reports easily with advertisers, advertising agencies, or other users via Internet.
    • Excel: SuperReporter 2 can export Excel files, detailing all playback records of each multimedia file. Administrators can utilize these raw data to conduct further analysis and create their own reports and diagrams with great flexibility by using the product.
  • Generate Reports Automatically and Periodically
    • This is incorporated with batch files or Windows® Scheduled Tasks, can automatically generate and send reports daily or weekly. For example, you can generate a report, send it to your marketing staff by email, and save a copy to your PC on the first day of each month.
  • Monitor Current Status
    • The product assists administrators in conducting preliminary check of the connection status of SMP players. If the program cannot receive SMP player’s log records, a warming sign will be shown in the Status Report, so that administrators can verify the problem and solve it immediately.
Order Information:
  • Minimum Order: Negotiable
  • Branded Product

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